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Friday, July 16, 2010

Those nerve wracking Saturday Matinee cliffhangers:

The ongoing saga of the Lords garden
July Friendshippper message
When many of us were growing up, every Saturday morning we took a shining dime or quarter and went to the local Saturday Matinee movie. One of the features was the weekly cliff hanger, where the heroes and heroines were left in great peril at the very end with the strong admonition to return next week to see if they could be saved. All week long their plight was in the back of our minds haunting us. We rushed to the theatre next Saturday to see what we hoped would be the rescue. True to form they were indeed miraculously preserved only to find themselves facing another perilous situation at the end of that session.
This year’s garden has been a roller coaster of cliff hanging perils that we escape from only to find ourselves facing the next big predicament. This year cold wet weather threatened to delay ground preparation and frost free planting. A sunny break in the weather gave us a window of opportunity to plant our crop
After a slow germination period the weather warmed and the plants took off. But, the weeds got off to an even greater jump and were soon chocking out our precious plants. Desperate calls to the members brought out members in force and subdued the rapid growth of weeds.
We got behind on installing the climbing trellis. Potato bug infestations appeared and began their rapid invasion. The plants began to look a bit peaked and just moped. Well, thanks to a plea from the pulpit and a massive invite, members and friends joined the rescue particularly Tuesday July 12thwith over 40 different individuals showing up eager to work.
Not only was a massive amount of work accomplished, but the garden was abuzz with fellowshipping and friendshipping. Plans were made to learn more and teach and share with others. More is about to cone as we began to harvest and distribution
A mighty thanks to all of you who have repeatedly answered the call and overcame the weekly perils. Carry on. Carry on, Carry onnnnnnn

Noel Gill

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